I'm currently working on a document creation/approval space for my employer. Documents are drafted in Sharepoint Online within a library that has restricted access, but individual items are to be shared more broadly with potential collaborators using sharing links. Eventually, the document's owner can trigger a publication process, which uses Microsoft Flow.

The current thinking from a design perspective is that the original file will remain in place when the file is published - however, the project directors would prefer it if the contributors automatically lost their permissions at this point. Is there a way to delete those in the same flow?

I've considered copying the file and deleting the original but this seems inelegant.

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This is not supported OOB with Flow at this point, though it is possible. This blog post goes through the procedure of using the REST API from within flow to break permission inheritance and set permissions.

As an alternative, reconfigure a SharePoint workflow using SharePoint Designer to handle the permissions management. The 2010 workflow engine has the actions, and it only takes minutes to set up.

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