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I wanted to know what happens if you switch off the office 365 Delve.

Does it impact SharePoint or Office 365.

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  • Can you please elaborate what you mean by switch to Delve?
    – sssreddy
    Commented Feb 20, 2019 at 15:20

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This is straight from a Microsoft case with the first paragraph notating the impacted services and applications.

Delve, Office.com (Discover tab, Edge, Tab pages), Office clients Desktop and Web (Home page), Outlook Mobile, SharePoint Home page, Live People Cards, OneDrive for Business (Shared with Me)

Opting out from Office Graph will disable Delve and will affect the document relevancy on all the other Office 365 applications that are built on top of Office Graph. Opting out means that Office Graph will only consider public signals (mainly "modified" actions) to rank relevant items for the user(s). These signals are publicly available for everyone in SharePoint Online and also through search. An example is the Office.com Discover tab. This tab shows a list of relevant items for the user. This feed will always be available even if the user or tenant have opted-out from Office Graph. What will happen is that the relevancy of these items will be poorer, since the graph is limited on the amount and type of signals that are collected and analyzed.

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