I am trying to customize an alert email in SharePoint 2016 using this procedure (I know it's for 2013, but it's the most recent I can find). I have written a simple IAlertNotifyHandler implementation:

public class NotificationHandler : IAlertNotifyHandler {
    public bool OnNotification(SPAlertHandlerParams ahp) {
        var x = string.Empty;
        return false;

and I've created and registered a custom alerttemplates.xml file with:

    AlertHandler, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e7e8520342f474c1

I reset iis and restarted the timer service as mentioned in the article. When I attach to the owstimer.exe process and set a breakpoint in my code, it never hits and never shows as even being loaded. When I create an entry in the list, I get the email, but it never hits my custom IAlertNotifyHandler. I can't seem to find any article that gives any debugging tips or says any more than the source article I'm using. Is there something I'm missing here?

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