I've been researching for hours and haven't come across a really elegant solution for printing a SharePoint Calendar (SP2013) that has multiple overlays in different colors.

The current options are:

Option 1. Print from the web page itself and then use Javascript/CSS to make the calendar as big as possible on the screen and then resize all of the elements to show full Calendar Title Text (multiple items per day)

Option 2. Export to Outlook, use Calendar Printing Assistant.

Option 3. Hope to find some software that can interface with SharePoint that my company will let us buy a license for

Option 1 could be nice because the user would be able to just print from the page and not have to download legacy software like Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant. However, I've played for several hours with Javascript and CSS and I cannot get the Calendar to wrap text and display the full calendar titles and even if I do get it looking somewhat okay, when I go to print it, the actual calendar items don't display in the right box. They start to overlap over multiple days. This was kind of a dead end option for me.

Option 2 actually is really close to working. It's easy to sync to Outlook, see all the items from the calendar. The Print preview looks good. The only problem is on our SharePoint Calendar, we have multiple overlays (which are basically just Views from the calendar itself) to color code things based on a particular field value. Those overlays and their color codings are lost when imported to Outlook and every item from the Calendar on the Month view looks exactly the same.

I thought maybe of creating a bunch of workflows that basically creates copies of all the items from the list into separate calendars based on that specific color-coded field and then import all those Calendars as overlays into Outlook because it DOES let you overlay multiple SharePoint calendars in Outlook and lets you choose different colors for each calendar. But, that would be pretty laborious making sure all items created in one calendar creates a copy in the other and then Title/Date changes always stay in sync, and then also syncing Deletions of items with a workflow.

Option 3 I've only done a little searching and have yet to find some software that would really work. Was hoping maybe someone here would have recommendations?

I've thought about telling the team that wants these calendars printed to just go all digital and throw the calendar up on the big screen during meetings. But the funny thing is, even the SharePoint calendar monthly view is a compressed mess and doesn't let you see the full titles of events especially when you have multiple items in one day. They currently just use a Calendar document in Excel and manually type in the items each month and print that out. Takes them a few hours every week because items are constantly moving around on the calendar and changing.

Any other options you've pursued? Would love some advice here. Thanks!

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