I am working on a new project for our customer who have sharepoint 2013 Enterprise server. and our customer has only a live server. so i want as a first step to do the following:-

  1. create a new VM which will act as their test server.

  2. take a farm backup from live and restore it inside the test VM.

I want the test to mimic the live server in everything, but the only difference is that the live farm contain 2 VMs (windows server 2008 R2 + sql server), while the test will have one VM containing the sharepoint application + its database.

but as i know to be able to do a farm restore , the test server need to have the same sharepoint patches as the live server. and our customer had this patching history:-

  1. the sharepoint 2013 was on RTM.

  2. then they installed the SP1.

  3. after that they have installed a full CU (around 3 years ago), then they have been installing some sharepoint security patches and run the product configuration wizard.

  4. currently when i run this power-shell to know their build number, i got:-

Major  Minor  Build  Revision
-----  -----  -----  --------
15     0      4753   1000
  1. but they do not have any documentation what are the exact patches they have installed..

Currently inside the live server i have 2 sources to know which patches i need to install:-

1) from central admin >> Upgrade and migration >> Check product and patch installation status , which will give me something as follow:- enter image description here

OR from "Control Panel" >> "View install updates">> order by product "SharePoint", which will give me somethings follow:- enter image description here

so i have these 2 questions:-

  1. I create a new VM which is windows 2008 R2 + SQL server. but from where i can install a new sharepoint 2013 sp1 (without extra patches), so i can use it as a base?

  2. from the live server, which of the above 2 sources i need to use to install the same patches inside the test server (control panel source OR CA >> "Check product and patch installation status" source)? and which order i need to follow when installing the patching?


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