Let's say i have this url:


I need to be able to obtain all the sub-sites within the URL.

For example:

http://mysharepoint.onprem.local/path1/path2/path3/path4 is a site

http://mysharepoint.onprem.local/path1/path2/path3 is a site

http://mysharepoint.onprem.local/path1/path2 is not a site, just a context path.

http://mysharepoint.onprem.local/path1 is a site collection

Do I need to be able to back track through the url obtaining all the sub-sites? If so, given a URL, how can I determine if the URL is a sharepoint site or not?

Otherwise, what is a better way to do it?


You need create script where you are spliting url by "/" and trying to Get-SPSite or Get-SPWeb for each elements (gradually stocked) in Try/Catch statement if it's true you can work with it, if its false it will end in Catch.

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