In SharePoint 2013 after migration from SharePoint 2010, the launch form dialogue box is selected yes in advanced list settings.

enter image description here

So the Edit form for each item opens as a form and there is an attachment icon on this edit form. So when the attachment is clicked an attachment form is opened and displayed as shown in image below.

enter image description here.

But it has to be displayed as shown in the below image. enter image description here

The classes, id's and pagetype are same for edit form and attachment form. It is displayed in the same way in all the Attachment forms in the all the Web Applications.

In the Document Libraries, all the Edit, New and View forms are also displayed in the same manner as shown in the pictures. In the Lists,the Edit New and View forms are shown properly but the Attachment form is not proper.

This issue is throughout the Web Application. How ever we made a few changes in the CSS files Initially the Css file is as shown below enter image description here .

But we Changed as shown below. We have modified the height in these 2 classes. enter image description here

So the Attachment and all the forms are displayed very big as shown in the below image. enter image description here

Can anyone suggest me a feasible and acceptable changes in the css or in the code through Visual Studio 2013, so that we see the forms in the proper alignment.

We do not use SharePoint designer. The site is a customized one developed by using Visual Studio.

Thanks in advance

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