Is it possible to get and/or set the List Settings > Audience targeting settings > Enable audience targeting on or off with the Sharepoint REST API?

I've tried checking the GET <web-url>/_api/Lists(guid'<list-id>') response of the same list before and after toggling the setting, but the only things that changed was the odata.etag, the CurrentChangeToken and the LastItemModifiedDate.

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It is not a property of the list class. If the "Enable audience targeting" is checked, the list will have a field with Type="TargetTo" Name="Target_x0020_Audiences" DisplayName="Target Audiences" guid "61cbb965-1e04-4273-b658-eedaa662f48d".

You can check the fields for the list fields using API "/_api/Lists(guid'<list-id>')/fields". You will find this field only if the audience targeting is enable.

For example:

enter image description here

To enable/disable audience targeting for this list, you may need to add/remove this field to/from list using REST API.

How to manage list using REST API.

Here is a demo about how to enable or disable Audience targeting of a list in SharePoint using CSOM (just for your reference):

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