I want to write one script in STSADM which checks SharePoint 2007 site collection lock status and if any site status is locked/Read-Only/Adding Content Prevented/No Access then the script will Unlock that site.

Following command to check site status: stsadm -o getsitelock -URL Siteurl

Following command for unlock site: stsadm -o setsitelock SiteURL -lock none

I have a list of the site collection in the text file.

Now I need help how to write these in a script and schedule them via Task Scheduler job. In addition, I want to add email sending functionality in the same script if any site gets locked.

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here is a script, schedule it under Farm Administrator with PSShellAdmin privilegies. You can do enum all sites or just at start load your file with sites in $Sites.

asnp *sharepoint* 
$Sites = Get-SPSite -Limit All

foreach($Site in $Sites)
    $Lock = STSADM.exe -o getsitelock -Url $Site.Url
    if($Lock[1] -eq '<SiteLock Lock="none" />')
        Write-Host "$($Site.Url) OK" -ForegroundColor Green
        STSADM.exe -o setsitelock -Url $Site.Url -lock none
        Write-Host "$($Site.Url) was unlocked" -ForegroundColor Yellow

Hope it helps!

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