I'm applying a PnPTemplate file to a communication site in SharePoint Online. This template contains a yes/no column that is added to the Site Pages library. The field shows up in the default view, but doesn't seem to work in any way. The PnP template applies normally and there is no error.

            <Field Type="Boolean" DisplayName="publiser til alle" EnforceUniqueValues="FALSE" Indexed="FALSE" ID="{a0985703-d5c1-4ac6-8c53-92ae6867a68f}" SourceID="{{listid:Site Pages}}" StaticName="publisertilalle" Name="publisertilalle" ColName="bit1" RowOrdinal="0" CustomFormatter="" Required="FALSE" Version="1">

I made the field/column on one site and then used get-PnPProvisioningTemplate to get the correct field tag format. When I add a new page there is no default properties, and I can't see them if I edit the page. If I view the library settings I can see the column and it seems to be correct.

Is it not supported? Please see my photos underneath.

Appreciate any thoughts and answers!

Site Pages - default view

Library settings - seems normal

Page details - shows nothing

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I added the custom fields to a group and content type, and added them to the Site Pages columns in library settings. Then I used the get-pnpprovisioningtemplate and applied it once again - and the fields/columns work.

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