I'm trying to figure out a weird issue in my Content Search. It just doesn't sort alphabetically by SiteTitle.

I've gone into Build Your Query, and selected the Sorting tab. (Earlier, I went into Central Admin and made sure the property SiteTitle had Sortable Checked, and then I ran a full-crawl) Here's my screen shot of showing my sort, but the results are not alphabetical by SiteTitle. The seem to be sorted by the sites that are used the most. enter image description here

Appreciate any suggestions on how to get this to sort properly.

  • Good day! Just wanted to ask some quick questions. One, is that a managed property or a crawled property. Two, if its a site property, can you confirm its pointing to the correct crawled property? – Kyle Rogers-Brodeur Feb 11 at 18:47
  • @KyleRogers-Brodeur - I logged into Central Admin, and checked. SiteTitle is a Managed Property and it is mapped to OWS_SiteName – Susan T. Feb 11 at 19:43
  • Darn. That seems all correct. – Kyle Rogers-Brodeur Feb 11 at 20:32

Check if the OWS_SiteName managed property has checked Sortable.

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