Trying this:

https://domain/_api/search/query/?querytext=%27TestSearchString%27&querytemplate=%27 {searchTerms}%20ListID:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000%27& selectProperties=%27ListItemId%27&QueryTemplatePropertiesUrl=%27spfile://webroot/querytemplateproperties_root.xml%27&rowlimit=500&trimduplicates=false

For some reason this doesn't filter by just the list (I've masked the list GUID, but I've checked the GUID out and it's valid) it expands on content for the entire site. Which is quite substantial and nothing I feel like filtering through on JavaScript/Jquery as it might take some time. Any idea why all the content for the site might be returning? This is SharePoint 2013 if it helps.

One possible clue: We recently swapped from http only to https only as well, but recrawled everything after the swap. It looks like basic search functionality is just fine.

  • I have seen some weird behavior with syntax anomalies in the queries...trying putting quotes around the list ID value. – Tracy Feb 25 at 15:29

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