Have been searching the web and asked my SharePoint partner but haven't found a workable solution to what I want to achieve. I am hoping clever minds here can help me further.

Scenario: I have a site that contains two or more task lists. I would like to have a webpart/app that shows a list of all the task lists for that site. Users can click on a task list in that list to go to it. To complicate matters: For each project we do, we will have such a site with an amount of task lists. So I want to save the site as a template to be able to re-use the site.

I would prefer to make use of standard webparts/apps, maybe the script editor webpart to run scripts. Is this possible?

Working on SharePoint Online with the Classic experience.

Any help greatly appreciated.

EDIT1: The answer by @Zdeněk Vinduška got me on the right track. Instead contentclass:0x0108 I had to use contentclass:STS_List_Tasks and enter the path to the site.

Additional question: Is it possible to use something like this site or current site instead of a full path? It would make it a lot easier to work with if I use the site as a template for other project sites.

EDIT2: Found it! (I think :-) ) If I use path:{site.URL} it only finds task lists on the site I am working on. Will try to create a template and do some testing.

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Hello use Search Content Query Web-Part and as filter use contentclass:0x0108. It will display all Task lists.

You can also create another web part which will display all tasks for user: contentclass:"STS_ListItem_Task" AND "path:"https://company.sharepoint.com/sites/" AND "AssignedTo:"Name Lastname"

  • You'll need to filter Path to for displaying Task Lists only from this site, so use Path:https://company.sharepoint.com/sites/*

MS Docs

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