The code I am using:

<TextField onChanged={e => this.handleCommChange(e, 'Contact')}

private handleCommChange(e: any, controlType: any): void {
    const { temp_items } = this.state;
    const value = e;

      temp_items: {
        [controlType]: value

I Want to implement debounce in SPFx web part created using react js.

Please help me.


  • This question shows a lack of research and doesn't refer to any existing documentation like lodash.com/docs/4.17.11#debounce – baywet Feb 8 at 14:22
  • If it is in jquery ... I may not ask the question . As I am new es6 & spfx so I asked the question . If you can give me documentation of SPFX React (debounce) I will thank full . – BISWANATH HALDER Feb 9 at 9:09

You could leverage lodash debounce and wrap your method's body as the debounce parameter (callback)

  • than you . But I am in spfx react .. does this work ? please suggest . – BISWANATH HALDER Feb 9 at 9:10
  • Yes, you just need to add the lodash library – baywet Feb 9 at 11:52
  • ok. Than you. I will try. – BISWANATH HALDER Feb 9 at 15:34
  • Don't forget to mark the answer :) – baywet Feb 9 at 22:48

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