I'm looking for a reliable way to implement jQuery plugins into my SPFx web part (targeting SharePoint 2016 on-prem). I have jQuery installed with npm install and imported with import * as jQuery from 'jquery';. I want to use a couple of plugins like Bootstrap Wizard, jQuery steps or Form Validator.

When I install a plugin with:

npm install --save <plugin> @types/<plugin>


it doesn't throw any errors, but when I'm trying to use one of the jQuery functions from the plugin, it's not recognized as part of jQuery.

I also tried loading the plugin with SPComponentLoader, after serving the project with gulp, I can run jQuery functions in the browser console, but still not in IDE.

  • What is the recommended way to use jQuery plugins in SPFx web part?

  • How can I integrate plugins that are not by default supported on npm?

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I found this article very helpful.

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