In my sharepoint list, I have a workflow that updates today date on a scheduler at 1 AM. When new records are generated Date 2(Create time stamp) is by default a later time than today date.

So as an example today may refresh at 1 AM and set the value to 2/6/2019 1:00 AM. Later a record is created that populates Date 2 with 2/6/2019 2:45 PM. When this formula is converted, it will display as a negative value.


How can I change my if statement to say that when the value is 'negative' to just populate a blank value?

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The IF has 3 arguments, so:

IF(A, B, C)

  • where A is a boolean expression
  • B is what's returned if A is true
  • and C is what's returned if A is false

So if you want a blank if the difference between the dates is negative, but otherwise the diff, then you want something like this:

=IF((Date-Created)>=0, Date-Created, "")

Which says if Date-Created is greater than or equal to 0, return Date-Created, otherwise return an empty string.


What's the data type of your Calculated Column?

This should always work:

=IF( IF(Column1<>"",[Date1]-Date2,Today-Date2) < 0, "", 
     IF(Column1<>"",[Date1]-Date2,Today-Date2) )

This is probably what you are looking for while testing Today vs. Date2:

=IF( Today-Date2 < 0, "", IF(Column1<>"",[Date1]-Date2,Today-Date2) )

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