I have a problem when trying to enable SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site coll feature on one of my site... I know this has been discussed many times, but even when triying every solution I got my fingers on, I still have an error.

Let me explain :

What I have and what I want:

on https://mytenant.sharepoint.com/sites/MySite, my users would like to have Wiki Pages library AND multilingual feature. And i know for both of them, you have to enable SharePoint Server Publishing on the targeted site.

What I tried

  1. I tried by going into site settings > Site features > SharePoint Server Publishing > Activate It gave me the error "This feature depends on The "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature". It has to be enabled on the site collection" I read somewhere that this error can show up because you do not have the rights permissions.
  2. So, as a SharePoint Administrator, I went in SP admin and I set my user as "Main administrator". I am one of the Collection site admin as well.
  3. Now, still on MySite (https://mytenant.sharepoint.com/sites/MySite),I tried to enable the Sharepoint Server Publishing Infrastructure under the "Site COllection Feature" and it gave me an "Unexpected error" with a correlation ID.

(as we are online, normally there is no more such things as Site Collections. And, I do not want to enable this feature for WHOLE TENANT)

(as we are online, I don't even see WHY it is still running with correlation IDs)

So, has anyone any idea on how to perform this ? How to enable SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure on Online Publishing Site ?

Pretty Please ?

Thanks a lot for your time !

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What you're referring to is a Site Collection -- they always exist, even online.

And in SharePoint Online, machine translation was made unavailable in Sept 2018. See Create a multi-language website.

The suggested replacement is to leverage the Translator Text API.


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