In this script, i want to to copy an item from list to another list. This item contain an attachments. How i can add the attachments to my code

$web = Get-SPWeb http://intranet/sales/
$listSales = $web.Lists["Sales Projects"]

$Prospect = Get-SPWeb http://intranet/CAC/
$listProspect = $Prospect.Lists["Clients"]

foreach ($item in $listSales.Items | Where {$_["Status"] -eq "Confirmed" -and $_["isDone"] -eq $null}) { 

    Write-Host $item.Title

      $newItem = $listProspect.Items.Add();

      $newItem["Client's Name"] = $item["Client Name"]
      $newItem["Initiator"] = $item["Initiator"]



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You can do it with following code:

foreach ($AttachName in $item.Attachments) 
    $spFile = $item.ParentList.ParentWeb.GetFile($item.Attachments.UrlPrefix + $AttachName);
    $newItem.Attachments.Add($AttachName, $spFile.OpenBinary());

Put that code after this line: $newItem["Initiator"] = $item["Initiator"] and it should be fine.


Take a look at this article here:



I may recommend you to try use SharePoint Migration tool from Microsoft for this migrations it's free.

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