My company uses JD Edwards from Oracle and they store their dates internally as a 6 digit string in this format: CYYDDD where C denotes a century indicator (0 for 1900s and 1 for 2000s), YY denotes the 2 digit year, and DDD denotes the date as the number of days into the year. For example,

Jan 1, 2019 = 119001

Jan 15, 2019 = 119015

Feb 1, 2018 = 118032

Dec 31, 2017 = 117365

Is there a way to display the days as the number of days into the year? I'm not finding it.



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There's no OOB function that I'm aware of. But perhaps you could calculate it based on the number of days since 12/31 of the previous year:


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