We have a Sharepoint 2013 that is configured to use only Sharepoint 2010 workflows. There is a workflow defined that creates custom tasks (not Approval tasks) for users. We want the users to add comments to the tasks, not only during the approval or closing of the tasks, but in any moment they should be able to comment on the status of the task. Is there any way to do this?

The issue we have is the users cannot edit the tasks created by the workflow, as when we click on Edit it will go to the form defined for the task closure. That is, instead of getting a form to edit the tasks fields (percentage completed, etc.) we get the form with the "Approve", " Reject", "Reassign" buttons, etc. There is a Comment field there, but this is the comment submitted when the task closes.

Some options I have been analyzing are:

1) Is it possible to edit a workflow created task?

2) Can we modify the approval form in Infopath to add a "Add Comment" button, so the user can add a comment and have it stored in the task or in another list, but not approve the task?

We can only use Sharepoint Designer or Infopath, we have no access to other sharepoint development tools.

I will really appreciate your help with this question!. Thanks!

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