I'm using the API to search for sitegroups as below:

"/_api/web/SiteGroups?$orderby 'Title'&$select=Id,Title,LoginName" + skiptop + "&$filter=startswith(Title,'" + value + "')"

However, I have the problem that in this case, the startswith filter is case sensitive. So, when a user searches for say "App" he gets Approvers, but when he searches for "app" he gets nothing.

I have tried tolower and other combinations of contains.. substringof..

Is there a way making the filter work?

  • I think there are some syntax error in given url, in orderBy and select cause. – Ganesh Sanap Feb 5 '19 at 12:55

You can use something like given below:

  1. Create a new variable for all lowercase value, like:

    var lowercaseValue = value.toLowerCase();
  2. Then add filter like given below:

    "$filter=startswith(Title,'" + value + "') or startswith(Title,'" + lowercaseValue + "')"

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