I have a requirement that there is one list and it store an agreement and that agreement is renewed every year. But they need the old history as a hyperlink on the display form of the list for example:if one item is updated 3 times they need 3 hyperlink on the display form

Thank you for help

  • It depends a lot on which version of SharePoint you are using and whether you are using modern or classic list "mode" – Kasper Bo Larsen Feb 3 at 9:34
  • Using on premise SharePoint 2013 – Kindu Melese Feb 8 at 1:59

You could use a multi-line column to contain your link and turn "append changes" for the column. Then you would have each link change displayed on the display form along with a timestamp of when the change occurred. Note: Append changes requires versioning to be enabled on the list.

  • Thank you your suggestion and i will check it – Kindu Melese Feb 8 at 1:58

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