We have Sharepoint Server 2016 running with incremental crawl set for every 5 mins and full crawl everyday. Realised this could cause a problem so changed the crawl type to Continuous Crawl as recommended by Microsoft support.

However, since changed to CC, it just shows as forever running without a completion time. The first run completed in 22 hours, second one still going on for 24 hours now without a completion time. Is this normal for Continuous Crawl? Ms Support said it could require some folder paths to be added to AntiVirus settings, but i am not sure if that's the cause. Everything else seems normal, there's no search error, and new indexes are being searchable. May be that's how Continuous work?

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This is a normal behavior for Continuous Crawl.

It will 'forever' run. Do not schedule full crawls.

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