(I am using Sharepoint Online rather than On-Premises)

I own a Sharepoint List that contains a large number of items.
Each item has various metadata fields (text, numbers, users).
They also contain 15 fields displaying images in line
(each field contains a hyperlink in the image column, linking to a uniquely named image stored in a Picture Library on the same Sharepoint site).

I've used JSON column formatting to ensure that the images display to the correct size and link to the image itself. Unfortunately the image that is loading in-line is the full-size image. Is it possible to display the Thumbnail in-line (to speed up loading), while still linking to the full-size image upon click?

I know there's a separate URL created for each Image's thumbnail when the image is added to the picture library - so, how does the thumbnail URL differ from the URL of the full size image (so I can use it as above)?

Based on a previous question response here, I have tried;


and all the same but with _t instead of _w, but keep getting a '404 not found' error each time.

  • "Images" is the folder name? Are you missing the libraryname?
    – platinums
    Oct 22, 2019 at 15:31

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This works for me:

Link to default image preview:


Link to Thumbnail for the same image:


Note: I have added /_t after foldername and _jpg after imagename.

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