For a list i created in sharepoint online: On some of my columns, the drop down arrow only shows "column settings" While other columns show "A to Z", "Z to A", "Filter by", "Group by Contact" and "Column settings >"

Is there a setting i need to click so that the full options of "A to Z", "Z to A", "Filter by", "Group by Contact" and "Column settings >" appear?

  • What is the data type of the columns that only show "Column Settings"? – Chris Odegard Jan 31 '19 at 15:31
  • the columns are all "multiple lines of text" but some show the full settings while others do not. – user81145 Jan 31 '19 at 15:37
  • Multi-line text fields typically can't be sorted or filtered. There must be something custom or unusual about those columns that can- did you make the columns yourself or did you use Site Columns? – Chris Odegard Jan 31 '19 at 23:34
  • Thank you for the info. I added the columns myself. I am also having an issue where in the form setting, it won't let me select "Use a custom form created in PowerApps (requires new list experience)" Do you know what would cause this? sorry....I have a lot of issues with this list. – user81145 Feb 1 '19 at 15:17
  • The "New List Experience" is an option you can enable: Source. Once you enable it you should be able to use PowerApps with it. – Chris Odegard Feb 4 '19 at 13:54

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