I've created a command set for creating and editing a new product and save it into a SP list. That list uses a term set for the categories.

When a product must being edited, the ProductEditor component (because the command set renders a React component) must contain the original data of the selected product.

For the term set I'm using a TaxonomyPicker from PnP and I'll to set the initial values to the values to the original picked terms. Here is a part of the component ProductEditor.

import { TaxonomyPicker, IPickerTerms } from "@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/TaxonomyPicker";

public render(): React.ReactElement<IProductEditorProps> {
    return (
            context={this.props.webContext as WebPartContext}
            onChange={categories => { this.setState({ category: categories[0] }); }} /> 

The problem is when I get the data from the term store with code below:

let term: ITermData & ITerm = await taxonomy
    .termStores.getByName('xxx')             // --> The name of the term store.
    .getTermSetById('yyy'),                  // --> The GUID of the term set.
    .getTermById('zzz');                     // --> The GUID of the original selected term.

The variabele term is type of ITermData & ITerm but the TaxonomyPicker.initialValues property requests an IPickerTerms. How can I cast this to the correct type and back for the onChange method?

In other words: How can I set the initial values of the TaxonomyPicker equal to the data from the term store?

A product can only have one category.

From the API data to get the original data, I recieve this:

<d:Category m:type="SP.Taxonomy.TaxonomyFieldValue">
    <d:TermGuid>zzz</d:TermGuid>                     <!-- The GUID of the original selected term. -->
    <d:WssId m:type="Edm.Int32">22</d:WssId>

PS: I'm creating different edit buttons because there're fields dependent from other fields. More info here: Replace default "new" action to custom created command SPFX.

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