I have migrated about 19.5 GB files and folders to Share Point online from File Share with Microsoft Migration Tool .

In sharepoint i seem to have more files.

For example when go into same folder in sharepoint and fileshare Their content are ;


~$H Limited
~$H Limited
APH Limited
APC Limited . KLM Limited


APH Limited
APC Limited
KLM Limited ..........

What I mean is that Sharepoint contains what is in FileShare also it has extra files in it starts with ~$...

I thought they may be the hidden files in fileshare but seems like there is actually no hidden files on that folder that i inspect.

Why does it happen? How can i avoid it guys?

Thank you in advance!!

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files starting with ~$H Limited are temporary files where users editing documents.

Documentation here

In migration tool you can set some filters in Advanced Settings: enter image description here

try disable: Migrate Hidden files: enter image description here


and if its not working try disable: Migrate files and folders with invalid characters: enter image description here

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