Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Requirement is a drop-down field in a SharePoint Online list that references a customer table in SharePoint Online. Of course, the customer table is well over the view limit threshold.

The format of the table is simple:

  • Number / Name
  • A00800 ABC LABS INC

The use-case: In a separate list, a user starts typing the Customer Number in a field, and if the Customer Number is in the Customer Table, it offers an autocomplete. Pressing TAB accepts the autocomplete, and the actual customer name is added to a separate field.

As you can see, the first initial of the Customer Number corresponds to the Customer Name. I don’t expect to have more than 1,000+/- customers beginning with the same letter/number – if that helps.

Anyone know of a way to handle this? I feel like I’m constantly hitting my head on the view threshold ceiling. Thinking there's no way to handle this out of the box and that a scripty solution may be needed.

Thanks in advance.


  • Since I didn't get any responses, I don't really know if this is impossible or not. Seems like it shouldn't be impossible. No one knows? – Eric Feb 18 '19 at 19:21

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