I have a CATEGORY column which has 4 choices (A, B, C, D) and is mandatory.

I have a second column (lets call it TYPE) which can have content (but is not mandatory).

What I want the validation to do is determine if user puts any text in the TYPE column, I want it to validate that it is CATEGORY C or D. If the CATAGORY is A or B, I want type to be left blank.

whats the proper validation syntax to do that?



=IF(Category="Checklists",IF([Checklist Categories]<>"",TRUE,FALSE),TRUE)

User message: If Category option Checklists is selected, you must also make a selection for Checklist Categories.

I struggled with the same issue, and I was never able to get it to work, I was trying to do the validation from the column definition. I finally tried the same code from the VALIDATION SETTINGS IN THE LIBRARY SETTINGS and it worked like a charm. In my example, if you choose "checklists" (a choice field) then you must fill out "checklist categories" (also a choice field)

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