On sharepoint online, for a custom list that contains single line of texts columns, i'm trying a simple calculated formula.


This fails with SharePoint online error "formula contains errors"

if i try the following:


it works.

So if i put any IF then it fails. obviously i need something more complex, as a 12 nested if or and.. but if this basic doesn't work then i can't advance.

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Basic syntax for IF statement in calculated formula is:


So, try to write down your formula in above format.


  1. IF function
  2. SharePoint: Creating Calculated Column Formulas the Easy Way Using Excel.

The second link is very helpful while creating calculated column formula's in SharePoint.


Sometimes comma(,) does not work in formula (I am not sure but it is based on something language on your site). So in that case use semicolon(;) instead of comma(,).




Use " ; " instead of " , ".


Tried this:

 =IF(Type_Reseau="Eau domestique 70 PSI et moins",IF(Type_Essai="Hydrostatique","2 Heures"),IF(Type_Reseau="Eau domestique 70 PSI et moins",IF(Type_Essai="Pneumatique","1 Heure","ERROR")))

Answer is:

=IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Eau domestique 70 PSI et moins";Type_Essai="Hydrostatique");"2 Heures";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Eau domestique 70 PSI et moins";Type_Essai="Pneumatique");"1 Heure";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Eau domestique 71@115 PSI";Type_Essai="Hydrostatique");"2 heures";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Eau domestique 71@115 PSI";Type_Essai="Pneumatique");"1 heure";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Chauffage et eau refroidie";Type_Essai="Hydrostatique");"2 heures";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Chauffage et eau refroidie";Type_Essai="Pneumatique");"1 heure";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Drainage sanitaire, pluvial, pompé et évent";Type_Essai="Hydrostatique");"15 minutes";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Drainage sanitaire, pluvial, pompé et évent";Type_Essai="Fumée");"15 minutes";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Gaz naturel";Type_Essai="Hydrostatique");"ERREUR";
IF(AND(Type_Reseau="Gaz naturel";Type_Essai="Pneumatique");"3 heures"

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