We are going to migrate sharepoint 2013 site to o365 using metalogix tool. So, Which permission should I need on source SP2013 server & on o365 to use metalogix? Only site collection admin rights are sufficient or do I need any permissions on DB & farm for SP 2013? Also should I need any permissions in o365 admin portal?

Please suggest. Thank you.


I havent read ShareGate specification so you can try User Policy, but for migration we recommend to have full access to both SharePoint Environments:

  • SharePoint Server - theoreticaly you just need set only User Policy - Full Control for migration account on all web applications (can be set in Central Administration > Web Applications), but probably ShareGate can try access some system information, in this case you should be SharePoint Administrator account or be part of SharePoint Administrato Group
  • SharePoint Online - SharePoint Online Administrator role - cause you probably need to create structure as sites.
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