We made our first test migrations for some Content Databases on a SharePoint 2019 Farm.

The migrated sites are working perfectly with one exception. When we go to "Site Contents" the page is not displayed correctly. The App Launcher is missing, some pictures do not load and the Lists of the site are not showed under contents.

When we switch to subsites the page starts to be shown correctly. App Launcher is there, user name gets shown in the top right corner, pictures are loaded and the subsites are listed.

When i then switch back to contents the page is still corretly displayed but the lists still dont show up.

Maybe somebody has an idea on that.

Thanks in advance!

  • What was the source farm version? – Trevor Seward Jan 29 at 15:18
  • Was SharePoint Server 2013 but we first migrated the databases to 2016 and then to 2019 – Steve Jan 29 at 15:21
  • Did you upgrade the sites to v15 mode on 2013? – Trevor Seward Jan 29 at 15:22
  • Yes we upgraded them – Steve Jan 29 at 15:29
  • Did you check the UI version? – Prasanna Jan 29 at 22:04

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