I'm having trouble finding out property mappings from local AD via Azure AD landing in the SharePoint Online User Profile Service.

For example, how would I track down what the equivalent property of the SharePoint Online User Profile Service property "People:SPS-Location" is in Azure AD as well as local AD?

We're using Azure AD Connect to sync user objects to Azure AD which in turn get picked up by the SharePoint Online User Profile service.

Thanks for your advice.


The list of properties which are synchronized into SharePoint Online are outlined at Information about user profile synchronization in SharePoint Online.

Any property not listed above cannot be synchronized from AD -> Azure AD -> SPO. Instead, you must set up a custom synchronization from AD/AAD -> SPO. There is a sample, Core.UserProfiles.Sync for sync'ing from AAD -> SPO and another sample, UserProfile.BatchUpdate.API for sync'ing from AD -> SPO.

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