I have had a rest query running on my site for some time now however this morning it has suddenly stopped working. The query uses the SharePoint search rest api with a number of parameters.

https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/uat/_api/search/query?querytext='path:https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/uat ContentTypeId:0x0101*'&trimduplicates=false&startrow=0&rowlimit=1&selectproperties='Write,Path,LastModifiedTime'&refiners='LastModifiedTime(discretize=manual/2017-08-01/2017-09-01/2017-10-01/2017-11-01/2017-12-01/2018-01-01/2018-03-01/2018-03-01/2018-04-01/2018-05-01/2018-06-01/2018-07-01/2018-08-01/2018-09-01/2018-10-01/2018-11-01/2018-12-01/2019-01-01/2019-03-01/2019-03-01,sort=name/descending,filter=99/1/*)'&clienttype='ContentSearchRegular'

Currently this is outputting the following error:

Code: -1, Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.REST.SearchServiceException Message: An unknown error occurred.

If I look in the console I see the following:

Console error

I have similar REST queries running on other pages that work fine, I have ran the query through Postman in which I get the same error:

    "odata.error": {
        "code": "-1, Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.REST.SearchServiceException",
        "message": {
            "lang": "en-US",
            "value": "An unknown error occurred."

Appreciate any help that can be given.

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