I have a POST search using the following select properties:


And using this RefinementFilter: title:or("doc1","doc2","doc3","doc4".....)

If I pass in 10 files to be filtered in the title:or I may get back 7 of them. So looking at the three that are missing, I find that the title of the document is not the same as the path. So the pay may be:

Path: https://[server]/Path/documentX.pdf

but the Title will be:

Title: This is document X

For some reason the Title and the path to the file are not the same. So, I need to modify the refinement filter to look in Path: to pull out the file names instead of the title. I did try Path:or(list of files) but I get no results. Then I tried adding a star (*) before and/or after the title still with no luck:


I need something like a "contains" clause that would look in the full path for the document title for a search. Can this be done?



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