We are doing SharePoint development in our third online (O365) environment and have experienced the following issue in each system. After a site is templated and a new one is created based on that template, random Content Editor web parts on random pages disappear, library views change dramatically from the default/applied, and search boxes begin showing up for every library or list on a page despite being disabled in the templated site. The behavior is so inconsistent that we cannot identify the source of the issue. Note, we use team sites, with publishing turned off (necessary for templating); all pages are web part pages with items on it in classic view.

We can find no chatter on this problem online, but (as mentioned above) it is getting progressively troublesome for us. Never had this issue in any on-prem environment. How do we lock down these templates for consistent application? (powershell is not an option)

Would greatly appreciate any advice on this subject.

  • how are you provisioning the templated sites? – Michael Colbs Jan 28 at 22:27

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