I copied a formula for color coded progress bar from Path to sharepoint site And everything seems simple, however I think this code was written for sharepoint 2013 and I am getting error for sharepoint 2013. Seems like code is correct however maybe not supported in 2013.

Do you know any workaround? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

="<DIV style='position:relative;'><DIV style='background-color:"&CHOOSE(INT(&#91;%&#93;*10)+1,"red","red","OrangeRed","OrangeRed","DarkOrange","Orange","Gold","yellow","GreenYellow","LawnGreen","Lime")&"; width:"&(&#91;%&#93;*100)&"%;'>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV style='position:absolute; top:0px;'>"&TEXT([% Complete],"0%")&"</DIV></DIV>"

Thanks KD

  • What is the exact requirement and conditions for this column? Can you explain more? – Ganesh Sanap Jan 28 at 17:09

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