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I am using JQuery to filter a Contact List. The code I am using is attached below. This code works with the default view, however does not work with Shaded View. Does anyone know what the correct class is for "Shaded" view? I tried looking for it in Dev Tools but couldn't find it.

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript"src="/Scripts/jquery.min.js"></SCRIPT>

<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>

    //attach a function to the keyup event on the filter box

//strip off html taqs
function stripHTML (field) {
    return field.replace(/<([^>]+)>/g,'');

function DynamicFilter(text)
    //find out list view (default class for a listview is "ms-listviewtable"
    $('table [class="ms-listviewtable"]').find('tr').each(function()
            //don't filter out the header row
            if ($(this).attr("class") != "ms-viewheadertr ms-vhltr")
                //get the html for the row and strip off the html tabs
                source = stripHTML($(this).html());

                //check to see if the filter text exists in the remaining text
                if (source.indexOf(text) < 0)
                    //hide the row if it doesn't contain the text
                } else {
                    //otherwise show it


<div id="mainDiv">
            <td class='Filter' width='125px'>Search: <input type="Text" id="filterInput" ></td>



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