I'm not too great at the string builder or lookup fx's.

I'm dealing with folders and want an approval process to go to User A if the folder is named "ABC" or "DEF".

I'm using the condition: if any value equals value and I've set the first value field to "Current Item:Encoded Absolute URL" then the condition to "contains" (equals should work as well if I can figure out the "or" problem) and that's where I lose it. How do I essentially do an or on the last value field?


About a quarter of the way down this article I found the answer. It uses logical or (||) and logical and (&&)

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  • Nice! I learned something new today. :) – Dylan Cristy Jan 25 '19 at 21:59

Couldn't you just do sequential ifs? Set a workflow variable to false, and do sequential ifs to check for each of the conditions you're looking for. Pseudo-code:

shouldGoToUserA = false // set the workflow variable

if Item:Encoded Absolute URL contains "ABC"
    shouldGoToUserA = true

if Item:Encoded Absolute URL contains "DEF"
    shouldGoToUserA = true

if shouldGoToUserA
    // do your stuff to go to user A 
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  • I could. But there are multiple groups of folders some with 5+ folders that should be approved by User A. If I can do an "or" I limit the if-else conditions to about 14, but if I expand each folder in a sequential if then I'd be pushing 45+ if-else conditions. I just wanted to keep the approval task to 1 if condition that encompassed all folders they need to approve. – toadfromgrove Jan 25 '19 at 17:51

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