We have SP 2013 on premise (will move to SP 2016 / 19 and O365 soon but need to support 2013 for current customers. We want to place a REACT app (javascript code) in a Content Editor or Script Editor web part since SPFx is not supported in on premise SP 2013. We have a registered provider hosted app. We want the javascript code to be able to get the same context token that is generated for an app when a user clicks the app button in SharePoint and appredirect.aspx sends them to the apps redirect URL and sends the context token signed with the app secret. We will then pass this to our back end .Net core API so that it can run SP Rest API calls using that token in the context of the user.

We will be configuring ACS to work with our on premise SP so our app will be registered with ACS if that helps. We are doing this mainly to prepare for use in O365.

The reason we want to do this is because we want the front end to be simply a front end and all calls to SharePoint to be done by the business logic / Repository code of the back end API. We already have this working where we can call against SP in the context of the user from the front end javascript and we can make an app only context call from the back end .net api. But we would like to somehow make user context calls from the back end api using the context of the logged in user.



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