Thank you reading my post. Very new to sharepoint and building a client facing sharepoint site (mainly external users) which has the following restrictions: 1. Client can view the content on the site but cant share it with others or know usage data or any data about any other users. The client needs to log in to view the site. Basically a collection of articles, videos and useful links. No social actions allowed (likes etc.) Thus far, have been able to build out a modern site using a combination of file viewer (Not perfect but better than other apps on six/ squarespace) and vimeo (for videos: Stream has a social element to it that seems to not have option of turning off). Since it is facing externally, the better it looks, the better it is!

Running into 2 major problems: a. I have a lot of pages with articles and videos embedded in them. When I put a "news" section on the home page, thumbnails with previews show up when I log in but don't show up when anyone else log in. It just shows a tile with document name but no picture. Searching the internet, looks like others have had the issue but didn't see a solution. MS ran a few workflows and had me tweak a few settings but nothing worked. Any new sites I create don't show thumbnails to anyone but me... b. All modern pages I created have a send by email link on left top that I cant hide. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint/SharePoint-Communication-Sites-quot-Send-by-email-... is a link I read through and it ends with a referral to GitHub: Not sure if this is safe (I am a tech noob) and don't want to crash my site experimenting.

I've spent hours with support and these two issues cant be resolved. I've tried looking up online and looks like there isn't an easy solution. Any thoughts? Appreciate any input you may have to resolve a and b. Thank you!

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