I need to add an InfoPath formula such as the following:

if(Unit = "Percent"){
   Numerator / Denominator *100}


I know the formating something like (TrueResult | ElseResult) [(BoolCondition) + 1]

Converted: ((Numerator / Denominator * 100) | Numerator ) [(KD-N_Unit = "Percentage") + 1]

but i get the error below:

The expression is not a node-set. (-->(../my:Numerator div ../my:Denominator * 100) <--| ../my:Numerator ) [(../my:KD_x002d_N_Unit = "Percentage")


Make sure you've got the appropriate spaces between terms. So between any [Field] or any operator (+,*,/), and I think your parenthesis, too?

Your syntax looks correct to me. If the spaces doesn't fix the issue, try making a new field to do the calculation and call it something like NumeratorAsPercent then make your function

( NumeratorAsPercent | Numerator ) [(KD-N_Unit = "Percentage") + 1]
  • Thank you! I attempted to workout the spacing but nothing seemed to work so i ended up the second method you provided and it works! Thank you for the help! – Harry Singh Jan 23 '19 at 13:11

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