For ease of use I've made a very simple scenairo of what i want to achieve. I have a custom list with the standard title in it. I have then added a unique numerical field on the list. so i have a list that looks like this

enter image description here

I wish to be able to swap the number fields around in 2 rows.

For instance I want to swap numbers 2 and 3. Because the numbers are unique I can't just type in the new numbers, manually I'd have to:

save B to be 0, then Save C to be 2 Then Save B to be 3

i would like to create a button like in this article


and have it swap the numbers of the record and the one above. Is a workflow best for this? and if so how do I find

Thanks for reading and hopefully helping.

  • I see you are in Online, so you can use MS Flow and edit these files in REST API HTTP post – Zdeněk Vinduška Jan 22 at 15:30

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