When you create custom InfoPath forms for your SharePoint components (lists, workflow tasks or initialization form etc) all web references point to InfoPath Designer. Create one from a blank form and stuff it where it needs be.

But how about forms that have data connections that come from SharePoint lists? To be able to create the .xsn file, you need to provide a list that the designer can query to know the returned fields from that and add them as a secondary connection (to build the schema).

But the problem is that inside the generated .xsn, all source files point to that list (by URL, GUIDs etc) - values are hard coded.

But when you try to deploy to staging or prod, those URLs and GUIDs are different and your custom form won't work anymore.

My question: How can you remove all hard coded values added by InfoPath Designer inside the .xsn file so that you can reuse the forms with no modifications on different sites or environments? Modifying the forms by hand to change there hard coded paths to match each environment would be a major pain.

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