In SP 2013, We have application built with Infopath & SharePoint designer 2013 workflow.We have to migrate this to O365 using metalogix tool.

Approach: I have suggested to go with like to like migration instead of converting infopath to powerapps and workflow to designer. So after migrating the applications it remains same in O365. I have decided this because we have to restore the content with metadata.

Let me know your thoughts or any better solution/approach we can suggest here?


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Before making the choice I would do a proof of concept that the existing solution CAN be migrated 1:1.

Even if the migration is an option I would prefer to get rid of the technical dept and gain some hands on experience with Powerapps, you are going to need it soon anyway

  • But the timeline to deliver the apps is too short. This is the first application migrating to the customer. I am thinking to work parallel on gaining experience with powerapps Jan 19, 2019 at 13:25

I agree with @Kasper about validating your assumption first. In Q3 of 2018 I completed a migration of our entire farm to SharePoint Online/O365. (Used the Metalogix migration tool)

Anyway, there were almost no issues with custom InfoPath applications and workflows coming over.

My strongest recommendation is that you do not perform what could be considered an Upgrade when what you are actually performing is a Migration. I knew my users needed some time to digest the different environment, despite the similarities with on-prem.

Finally, what I did in my org was to stagger the different site collections for different roll out times. e.g.: Week 1 was HR department, Week 2 was Marketing, etc. As each site was migrated, I would create redirects in the on-prem SharePoint global.asax file so that any links pointing to the old site collection URL would redirect to SP Online tenant.

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