I was tasked to move the existing apps from the parent site app catalog to the sub-site's own app catalog. i tried downloading the packages from the parent site's app catalog and uploading it to the sub site's app catalog. but when i tried adding the apps to the sub site. i got an error of "Invalid App Id:xxxxx".

How do i move the existing apps? is it possible to do what i just did?

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On SharePoint Online is App Catalog only one and default, which "Make apps available to your organization and manage requests for apps. An app catalog is required to disable Store purchases for end users."

Go to Central Administration of SharePoint Online > APPS section > App Catalog, here must be installed application sppkg package.

If you have enabled SiteLoading for this application, so you can install in only on any Site, here is post about it.

There is a Warning: Sideloading apps is a developer/test feature not intended for production use.

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