I`m trying to create a workflow that automatically sends reminders based on a date column in a list on SharePoint Online.

E.g.: if 1st Reminder date = today, then send the reminder after 2 days

2nd Reminder date = today, send reminder after 5 days

Is this possible?

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Try using pause function

If first day != today pause untill date = First day pause time 2 days send email

Try using something like this


i created example in SharePoint Workflow 2010. They are linear actions I hope you mean that this way:

enter image description here


I have used a number of workflow based approaches but somehow there is always this or that requirement that can't be fullfilled (at least I can't figur it out). So these days I have reverted to using timer jobs for the purpose, either powershell or C#. Use a search query to get the content, and iterate through each item looking for the proper criteria, like those where the reminder date is less than today +30 and RemindSentDate (a field on the list or in another list) is empty or more that x days old. Another check could be to varify that the receiver of the notification is valid, and send the notification to somebody else if that is not the case

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