I'm trying to develop a process to programmatically check the last modified date, calculate the retention period, and send an email with the URL to the site owners if the document is past the retention period. I want a site workflow that runs daily. When I run a list workflow, it changes the modified date. This is super annoying and it means I can't have a workflow that kicks off every day. Considering I have hundreds and hundreds of sites to review, I can't feasibly go into each list and add a column to populate with a variable that queries the modified date. Is this typical SharePoint behavior? Because I don't remember that.

I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing Nintex for the last few years, so going back to SPD workflows is hard. I want to run a site workflow at the top of the site collection and query every piece of content in the site collection. Can I achieve what I want with SPD?

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