Hi I have this code which work great. But now I want to export the list in a certain view I have created. How can I do that.

$hashTable = @()
$items = Get-PnpListItem -List "MySchedule"
foreach($item in $items)
$HashTable += New-Object psobject -Property @{ 
'00:00 - 07:59'=$item.FieldValues._x0030_0_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
'08:00 - 16:59'=$item.FieldValues._x0030_8_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
'17:00 - 23:59'=$item.FieldValues._x0031_7_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;  
$hashTable | Select Datum,'00:00 - 07:59','08:00 - 16:59','17:00 - 23:59',Opmerkingen |
epcsv "c:\temp\myschedule.csv" -NoT

Gr, P


See this blog. It has a step-by-step walk-through.

You will be using the /_vti_bin/owssvr.dll RPC endpoint. See MSFT documentation here

  • I don't understand. I use the PnPowershell module not the Microsoft module, This is what I need in PnpPowershell: $library = $web.Lists["Test"] $view = $library.Views["All Documents"] – Peter Kiers Jan 16 at 20:22
  • you can substitute the PNP equivalents for the SharePoint on-prem cmdlets. $library = $web.Lists["Test"] $view = $library.Views["All Documents"] are just objects. you can retrieve the objects like so: $library = Get-PnPList -identity "lists/test"; there is no OOB way other than adapting the code in the blog. – A.k.A. Fritz Jan 16 at 20:30

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