I am using the method to get list of object in calendar:

$web = $clientContext.Web
$list = $web.Lists.GetByTitle("Pages")

But, when getting all content of $list I am getting also the (Already) deleted objects from the Web portal (not showing anymore).

Is there any option to find these deleted objects and filter them?

Thanks Tal

  • Any update, please ? – Tal Jan 21 '19 at 9:36

Why are you not simply navigating to the Web or Site Collection Recycle Bin?

Web Recycle Bin:
GEAR >> Site Content >> Recycle Bin

Site Collection Recycle Bin:
GEAR >> Site Settings >> Site Collection Administration >> Recycle Bin

If this is happening often, using code may make sense, but indicates that your permissions / governance need re-evaluation and rationalization.

Use the UI if this only happens occasionally.

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  • Need to get it PowerShell, I need to know which has been deleted a which is not. – Tal Jan 16 '19 at 11:00

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